Terms and Conditions


1. Customer agrees to pay all invoices by the 10th of the month following the month of purchase.

2. Customer agrees to contact GILCREST/JEWETT LUMBER COMPANY within 10 days of receiving invoice(s) if there is a billing discrepancy. All other invoices not in dispute will be paid when due.

3. Customer agrees to pay $25.00 service charge on any returned check from Applicants bank not paid for whatever reason.

4. Customer agrees to pay collection costs and attorney fees upon default.

5. Customer agrees that GILCREST/JEWETT LUMBER COMPANY has the right to bring suit with venue in Polk County, Iowa on all delinquent accounts.

6. Customer agrees to pay a restocking charge on returned merchandise when applicable.

7. Customer agrees that purchases and/or deliveries are herewith authorized to be made without signature.

8. Customer agrees that GILCREST/JEWETT LUMBER COMPANY assumes no liability for their vehicles crossing property lines.

9. Customer agrees to notify GILCREST/JEWETT LUMBER COMPANY of any change in the information provided on their application for credit including but not limited to change in ownership, address or telephone.